Watch Face - Minimal & Elegant for Android Wear OS

Watch Face - Minimal & Elegant for Android Wear OS

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22. November 2019
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    App Beschreibung

    Highly Customizable Digital & Analog Watch Face with huge online Collection in one perfect application!

    One purchase! One low price and no limits.
    Enjoy over 30.000 watch faces from our online library.

    Compatible with all Wear OS by Google (Android Wear) watches.

    β˜… Check out the example Gallery:
    and make sure that it is worth purchasing the app.

    Nothing is impossible with Minimal and Elegant so get the app now and enjoy:
    - maximum watchface customization
    - multitude of great features
    - universally famous Little Words and Magic Backgrounds
    - lots of interactive functions
    - neat design and user friendly settings panel
    - long-awaited option to hide an icon
    - regular upgrades
    - perfect customer service

    πŸ’‘ NOTICE
    Watch face settings are accessible via Icon Launcher, Wear OS (Android Wear) Application on the phone or directly on the watch.

    ⭐ NEW!
    β˜… Analog functions allowing you to create a brand-new look of you smart watch
    β˜… ONLINE LIBRARY with hundreds of presets updated on daily basis
    β˜… Tasker Support
    β˜… Compatible with all Wear OS (Android Wear) versions

    β˜… Minimal & Elegant OPTIONS:

    - Create, save, import or share your own presets
    - G+ Presets Community
    - Central Online Library (all in one place)

    - Famous (Animated!) Little Worlds – G+ LW Community:
    - Magic Backgrounds (custom images)
    - Side Lights (in Magic Backgrounds)
    - Color Scheduler to program color changes
    - Presets Scheduler (separate app)
    - Steps - Google FIT

    β˜… COLORS
    - change colors of all the elements
    - add gradients for background
    - enjoy Full Color or Black & White Dim mode

    β˜… FONTS
    - use a variety of fonts and font sizes

    β˜… TIME & WEATHER
    - 12 or 24 hour digital watch display
    - analog watch display
    - multiple Time Zones
    - weather information - icon or text
    - two weather providers (additional external weather option)

    - add custom info texts with special tags
    - watch and Phone battery levels
    - custom date formats (check TAGS info)
    - use EMOJI in custom text
    - control text appearance
    - use Tasker variables

    - screen-off custom time (5-60s)
    - change notification cards size
    - transparent notification cards option
    - display line on top of Dim card option
    - set visibility of notification cards in DIM
    - positions for system indicators


    - Run any app installed on your Watch
    - Apply Next Preset
    - Music Controls (Play/Pause etc.) (on phone)
    - Control Spotify
    - Control Pocket Casts
    - Open Settings
    - System Apps (Flash, Timer, etc.)
    - Control Brightness
    - Open Voice Assistant
    - Mute/Un-mute (on phone)
    - Phone Flashlight (on phone)
    - Voice Recording (on phone)
    - Visibility of side numbers on watch face
    Run / Show:
    - Agenda
    - Weather
    - Motorola BODY (NEW)
    - Motorola Steps (OLD)
    - Motorola Heart Rate (OLD)
    - Motorola Health (OLD)
    - Google Translate
    - Google Maps
    - Google Keep
    - Google Music
    - FIT
    - Hangouts
    - Stopwatch
    - Asus Wellness
    - Asus UP by Jawbone
    - Asus Compass
    - TellMeTheTime (on phone)

    Join our beta community and be the first to familiarize with all new features:

    β˜… COMPATIBLE WITH ALL Wear OS (Android Wear) devices
    Tested on:
    Asus ZenWatch (all models)
    Fossil Q (all models)
    Huawei Watch (1, 2)
    LG Watch Sport
    LG Watch Style
    LG G Watch R
    LG G Watch W100
    LG Urbane
    LG Urbane 2 LTE
    Moto 360 (all models)
    Nixon (The Mission)
    Sony Smartwatch 3
    TAG Heuer (all models)
    Ticwatch (Pro, E, S)

    Minimal & Elegant is a premium and thoroughly tested application.
    In case of any problems, don’t rate it 1-star, instead please contact us on: [email protected]

    β˜… PERMISSIONS Explained

    β˜… HELP & FAQ LINK